Switch your Mortgage and Save Money!

At the start of every year people always look at ways of saving money for the year ahead. With a number of banks offering new incentives to switch your mortgage to them, now could be a good time think about moving your mortgage. Substantial savings can be made by getting a better interest rate on your mortgage. A lot of people decide to switch and get a better rate and also reduce the term left on their mortgage –  I think this is a great idea– It can save you paying the bank a lot of interest!.

If you are in employment and the value of your house is more than your loan amount then you could be able to switch and save .

At present you can get either €2,000 paid to you to switch  or 2% cashback on the loan amount back into your bank account as an incentive to just  switch and save money.

If you want to see if you can save money contact me today or apply now