MoCo Mortgage

Oates Breheny Group selected as an exclusive broker for MoCo Mortgages

MoCo, which is owned by Austrian bank Bawag, will add some much-needed competition in the Irish home-loans market. The new lender’s deals are only available through mortgage brokers and are available for homebuyers across the country. MoCo’s minimum mortgage level is €125,000.  Oates Breheny Group is delighted to announce that we are one of a select list of brokers approved by this new lender.

MoCo has launched its first home loans in the Irish market, including a five-year fixed rate starting from 4.5pc, which is lower than the same rate from the main banks. The interest rates offered on shorter term fixed deals are similar to prevailing market rates, with €1,500 cashback on all products.

MoCo is highly digitally focused lender – including client onboarding and utilisation of Open Banking to remove the requirement for paper statements from applicants. That should allow for fast decisions on mortgage applications.

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